Banana Board Help

In order to access all the features of Banana Board you will need to register as a member and be logged in.

There are two possible logon forms you will be presented with which are shown below.

Logon form 1
Single user logon form

Logon form 2
Multiple user logon form

Enter your username in the box provided or select your username from the dropdown list, if you have multiple usernames and the one you require is not available from the dropdown list press the 'Other' button to change to the standard logon form (Logon form 1).

Enter your password in the box provided. Your password is case sensitive. You can choose to save your password on your computer in a cookie by checking the 'Remember Password' checkbox.

Please Note
For security reasons it is not recommended that you choose to save your password on your computer where your computers usage is shared with others.

With your username and password entered in the logon form press the 'Logon' button to submit you logon details and enter the forum.

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